Our system employs a sophisticated automated trading tool designed to provide a range of investing solutions that will help investors benefit from the power of compound interest.


Investment Manager

ETI Category

Managed Account ETI



Minimum Subscription

1 Unit (EUR 1'000)

Underlying Issuer



Stock Exchange

Management Fee


Performance Fee

30% (HWM)

Base Currency


Offering Type


Minimum Initial Investment

1 Unit

The Exchange Mechanism:

Our ETIs have daily liquidity with an auction mechanism: once a day there is one price in form of an auction on the Exchange. Ideally, limit orders (see bid-ask price on the links above) are entered before 9:30 am CET on business days. Moreover, we recommend that you enter your order valid GTC or “end-of-month” and not only daily. In this case, if you miss the daily order execution, it will be filled the next business day. The daily auction can be anytime between 10 am and 1 pm CET depending on the order book. If no price has been fixed at 10 am any incoming order can be executed till 1 pm on the same day.


The values represented in this chart are % growth by month.

The system works by implementing trades at a high frequency, low volume (HFLV). This means that although there are potentially hundreds of possibilities for a successful trade over the term of the investment, only a tiny percentage of the account is utilized on trades with the highest probability. We harness the power of big data, AI and machine learning. We can effectively use historical performance data from so many data points that we can now better predict the future of price fluctuations so we can trade automatically more effectively